Train Your Brain — Transform Your Money Mindset

Train Your Brain --- Transform Your Money Mindset

( – Our underlying beliefs about money often act as a block to financial success. We grow up learning about money from our experiences as well as from the adults in our lives. Those early perceptions become the backbone of the way we think about and handle money, and when our beliefs are fear based, it can influence our money moves throughout our lives.

These thoughts become the money mindset that create our financial habits. They influence our spending and saving, and they infiltrate all of the choices we make that contribute to our personal finances from the way we accumulate debt to how we view our credit scores. Feelings of scarcity surrounding money can block us from reaching our financial goals.

That may sound discouraging, but the reverse is also true. Our thoughts can also empower us to be successful. By examining our thoughts and beliefs about money and learning to re-train our brains, we can actually transform our money mindset to help us improve our relationship with our finances. Tara Wagner Coaching discusses 4 habits.


With a few practical actions, we can begin to remove the blocks that prevent us from thriving. It takes practice, but over time, we learn to be the boss of our money rather than letting our money be the boss of us.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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