How You Can WIN by Doing NOTHING

How You Can WIN by Doing NOTHING

( – Our lives keep moving full steam ahead even when we don’t realize it. The truth is our time is limited on Earth, and we don’t always spend it wisely because we feel overworked. Our lives are stuck on autopilot, and many of us are overachievers, especially at work.

Experiencing burnout? Maybe it’s time to recharge. Here’s how you can still win at life by doing nothing.

Designate Time Daily to Unwind

When the hustle and bustle of a daily routine gets you in grand funk, it’s time to take a step back. Getting bogged down by doing the same thing in the same environment daily can take a toll mentally.

Etch some time in your daily calendar to simply detach and unwind. It could be getting up an hour early to read or play a game. Or venturing into the woods for some peaceful reflection. No matter what you chose, set that time aside to recharge.

Take a Mental Vacation

When you’re running on just a few cylinders at all hours of the day, you’re going to experience burnout. It’s time to plan a vacation away. Not necessarily Disney, where you’ll be busy all day long, but more like a getaway from doing anything.

That’s right. Find a place where you can mentally and even physically detach from your routine. Shut off all responsibilities and let your body rest and refresh.

How Does Doing Nothing Help?

Not having to do a single thing helps your body and mind recharge. The art of letting go can re-boost creativity and help you replenish all that you’ve lost. Shut off electronics and find something that calms the mind. Just sit and meditate or listen to music for a day. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll gain mentally and physically from just tuning out for a while.

Let Go of the Guilt

The reason why so many of us don’t take a day of doing nothing is because we don’t want to feel lazy, but the reality is actually the opposite. By taking that mental break time block, we refuel ourselves. Let go of guilty feelings of playing a day of hooky or just staying home in your PJs. It’s your life; do what you want.

Just as we plan for vacations or other designated days off, make mental health a priority too. It can relieve stress, induce happiness and help in gaining a better perspective on life. It’s important to make mental health a priority now rather than later. Scheduling time to do nothing is important for both productivity and peace of mind.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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