10 Items You Should NEVER Buy Online

10 Items You Should NEVER Buy Online

(DailyThrive.com) – Hopping online to shop is something everyone does these days. From food to clothing and everything in between, are there things to avoid?

The Talko lists some questionable purchases here:

Even though it’s a convenient way to get what you need, here are 10 items you should never buy on the interwebs:

  • Designer knockoffs. Without verifying, you’ll end up with a cheaply made knockoff.
  • Jeans. Most online buys are from overseas. The sizes run smaller, and the quality isn’t always as advertised.
  • Perfume. Unless you’re buying from a reputable manufacturer, you could end up with the watered-down version.
  • Pets. That Frenchie sure is cute! Problem is, she is from a backyard breeder. Along with health problems, it may not be the same dog in the ad, or worse — no dog at all.
  • Plants. Rose bushes for $5.99? Sounds good until they arrive bare-root, with no real root.
  • Swimwear. Many are one size fits all. Try it on first; looks can be deceiving.
  • Too good to be true. A $300 vacuum for just $99? If it’s too good to be true, don’t buy it.
  • Car. Nothing like putting a big deposit down to secure a car auction. Unfortunately, scammers can grab money from gullible buyers and then take the ads down.
  • Makeup. Designer eye pallets for $20? Be careful when ordering name brands that aren’t from the original business site.
  • Drugs. Any type of drug, including OTC meds, should never be bought online unless it’s from a reputable manufacturer.

Next time you decide to do some online shopping, be cautious. While most buys might be a good deal, there are some to avoid. The goal is a safe and effective shopping experience!

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