How Much Can You Make From Your Invention Ideas?

How Much Can Your Invention Ideas Make You?

( – Amateur inventors may want to take notice. Fantasies of monetizing those inventions may not be so far fetched. In fact, there are people who have figured out how to take those brilliant ideas and turn them into popular products. Take a look:

How does an amateur inventor get started? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Have a great idea.
  • Research the idea to see if anyone else has invented it.
  • Consider the costs in time and money versus the potential income.
  • Draw a picture of it.
  • Consider making an inexpensive prototype.
  • Research companies who pay for ideas.
  • File a patent.
  • Be persistent in trying to sell the invention.
  • Market the invention once it’s produced.

With a little effort and a few simple steps, even a beginning inventor could get started turning a novel idea into a source of income. Tap into that creative genius, and an amateur inventor could become a professional.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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