How to Achieve the 4 Hour Work Week

How to Achieve the 4 Hour Work Week

( – How much is your time really worth? There’s no easy answer to this question, but it’s safe to say most people would love to work less while still making a decent living. Imagine working just four hours per week, yet still making enough cash to survive and thrive. Is it really possible?

FightMediocrity reveals the secret to short weeks here:

It’s all about how you put those hours to work. But is this kind of lifestyle really for you? And if so, how can you work towards it? Let’s find out.

How to Work Less For Your Paycheck

Joe makes six figures a year as a marketing expert, but he must work 40 + hours a week to achieve it. Jeff, also in marketing, freelances, giving him the chance to demand more money for his work, by putting fewer hours in.

Jeff works remotely, and lives where the cost of living is lower. He can take his fiancé out for a fancy seafood dinner for pennies on the dollar while Joe, who lives in the city, pays top price for food, because of demand and location.

The key here is that combining work styles with geographic location can really position you for success. You already have valuable skills; you just need to offer them up in the right way. It’s all about living and being free to do more with every hour.

So, what’s your time worth?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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