5 Items You Should Never Buy At A Dollar Store

5 Items You Should Never Buy At A Dollar Store

(DailyThrive.com) – When it comes to being a more savvy shopper, people often suggest the local dollar store. It’s literally a one-stop shop for many daily use items, which can be a great way to save a buck. But that doesn’t necessarily mean every item is a good deal. Check out these five items you should never buy from the dollar store.

Pet Products

There are ongoing concerns over pet food sold at some dollar stores. Certain products may be close to their expiration date, from an unreliable, off-label brand, or even manufactured off-shore. Pet owners have reported dogs and cats becoming sick or ill after ingesting bargain shop treats and foods.

You always want what’s best for your pets health, so it’s better to choose a reputable brand of pet food. If you do buy from a dollar store, stay in touch with the FDA website for the latest on recalls and safety alerts.


Over the past few years many dollar stores have advanced their product line to include more food, including a refrigerated section. There are a variety of dairy items, including meat products.

The quality of these meats may not meet the standards of some larger grocery chains. Some dollar stores offer items like Ribeye steaks, but the cut is sliced so thin, it barely equals one serving size. Inspect the product fully, before checking out.

Wrapping Paper

Getting party supplies and gift wrap at the dollar tree is like a one-stop shop. You can party favors, snacks and even a card all for a few bucks. But things like gift wrap may not be the best thing to get.

The paper may be up with current themes, but pay attention to size and length. It’s generally a small sheet in comparison to ones sold at major retailers. It may also be thin and more prone to ripping.

Medications and Vitamins

There is a large section in most dollar stores completely devoted to medications and items to fill up a medicine cabinet. While stocking up on NSAIDS, tonics and vitamins sounds like a savvy move, take caution.

Some off-brand items may have poorly made cap seals, opening the risk to contamination. The medications may be diluted, making them not fully effective. If products are name brand, watch quantity contents. There may be a lot less in the container as opposed to what you’d find at the drugstore.

Makeup and Skincare Products

In addition to a large selection of health aids, dollar stores have a plethora of health and beauty items available too. Colorful makeup options and skin care products may seem attractive at such a low price.

Dollar store products may be of lower quality — that’s why they’re so cheap in the first place. That might mean they cause adverse effects. Take caution when using these products and look out for irritation and skin breakdown.

It’s getting harder to make your dollars stretch these days, and the dollar store can help you stay under budget. While it’s good for some items, others should be reconsidered. Next time you visit, take a closer look at what you throw into your cart. It’s not always about buying cheap — shopping smart matters, too.

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