8 Things NOT to Buy on Amazon

8 Things NOT to Buy on Amazon

(DailyThrive.com) – Amazon has it all — a huge selection of products, competitive pricing and the convenience of being able to do all of our shopping from home in our pajamas. It may seem like the perfect answer to all our socially distanced shopping needs.

If we also invest in Amazon Prime, we can take advantage of fast and free shipping too. What’s not to love?

But are there products we should avoid buying on Amazon?

When we take a look at pricing, quality and shipping costs when free shipping isn’t available, there are some purchases we’re better off making locally or through other online retailers.

Check out these 8 items NOT to buy on Amazon:

  • Paper goods
  • Dog food
  • Name-brand clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Generic electronics
  • School supplies
  • Power tools

Check out this video by But First, Coffee to hear all about why these purchases probably aren’t worth making on Amazon:

Remember that convenience isn’t always worth the added price or taking a chance on potential knock-offs. In some cases, a trip to the store is the best bet. Our wallets will thank us!

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