Nail Your Interview By Asking These 5 Questions

Nail Your Interview By Asking These 5 Questions

( – You’ve landed an interview at your dream job. Congratulations! Now you have to put together a plan on how to ace it. The main thing is to relax and not overthink, but there are some fundamental questions you need to ask. Don’t miss incorporating these five questions into the mix.

What Are the Long-Term Goals for This Position?

Every job description has specific responsibilities that an employee needs to fulfill. But what do these duties ultimately accomplish? It’s a good idea to ask what is expected of you over the course of the next year or two. Will you be able to maintain the position ongoing or is the job role something that’s only short term? This is your future, so get informed now if you want to succeed tomorrow.

Do You Have Any Concerns About My Experience?

Be blunt. Ask the interviewer if they question anything about your previous work experience. A gap in employment? Drastic career change? These are questions to be prepared for no matter what. Tie in your response positively and honestly. This ensures to them you have a diverse skill set, but still bring a lot to the table.

What Are the Daily Responsibilities of the Role I’m Applying for?

What exactly does the position you’re applying for entail? There may be a few surprises, so keep that in mind if you ultimately accept the job offer. Asking this question lets the interviewer know you take your job role seriously and that you come prepared.

Will I Have Opportunities for Personal Development?

Letting the company know you want to further not only your career, but also your skillset too, shows you are a go-getter. Employers look for candidates that want to advance their career, especially in house. Sharing interest that you want to participate in further training, or personal growth enrichment courses lets them know you want to move up in the company.

What Is the Most Challenging Aspect of This Position?

Ask the interviewer about the biggest challenge the current position offered has. Will you need to work long hours? Spearhead campaigns? Resolve client conflicts? If there are tasks you didn’t cover in previous jobs, keep that in mind. You might have to enrich your skills or take on some extra training.

While you have to be sharp to pass an interview, you should also remember the employer is lucky to land you. Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot, even if you’re not sure you’ll get it. Asking some pertinent questions shows you go after what you want and you won’t accept nothing but the best. Here’s to getting the job of your dreams! Good luck.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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