How To Get Free Stuff From Amazon Vine

How To Get Free Stuff From Amazon Vine

( – If you shop on Amazon frequently and leave stellar reviews, you might be missing out on a lucrative opportunity to cash in. A program called Amazon Vine rewards good reviewers (like yourself) with free merchandise in exchange for truthful, unbiased reviews. This benefits you and other shoppers at the same time.

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The Basics

  • Shop til you drop. There is technically no application to become an Amazon Vine member. It’s invite-only, and Amazon looks for people who are already giving strong, helpful reviews on a reliable basis. Sign up for an account and be sure to review everytime you shop. You can also vote on how helpful other reviews are to beef up your chances of getting picked. From there, keep plugging away and share with others the details of your purchases.
  • Write an actionable review. The most important way to get noticed by Amazon is to write the best review possible. Be thorough, and use actionable words to explain the pros and cons of your purchase. Write reviews for similar products; then, compare them to others you’ve used previously. This helps your account stand out.
  • Snap some photos. Always take clear, closeup photos of the products you buy before you review. This shows Amazon that you take your reviews seriously; it will impress them and improve your rank. The higher your rank, the more likely you’ll get invited to the program.
  • Wait. There is no specific time-frame of when you’ll get selected. It could take a few months, or you might not be selected for several years. Still, consistency counts, so keep shopping and reviewing. Once you do get invited, companies will select you to try new products for review. The best part? You get to keep them.

If you’re interested in scoring some awesome new products from an array of companies, start beefing up your Amazon account with reviews. You’re already shopping; why not benefit from it at the same time? This can be a fun and adventurous side hobby.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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