Be Aware Of These 5 Sneaky Holiday Scams

Be Aware Of These 5 Sneaky Holiday Scams

( – ‘Tis the season for last-minute holiday shopping. Sometimes it’s a race to the finish line to get that perfect gift, even if you’re shopping online. You try your best to fill up your cart before items sell out — but is that really your only risk?

Absolutely not.

According to KGUN9, greedy scammers are just waiting to pounce and clear out your bank account. All you need to do to fall victim is shop at the wrong stores or mishandle your personal information.

Scam artists don’t just steal credit card information, either. They also sell fraudulent products, counterfeits and dangerous copies. Some even hone in on current health concerns because they know it will motivate you to buy. The most common examples include false COVID testing products, vaccines and preventative medications. But puppies, personal gifts, and high-end fashions are also big on the list.

How scammers manage these sophisticated scams is really quite simple: they use cultivated advertising and claims to distract you from the truth. This allows them to prey on holiday shoppers to quickly turn over fake products. Once they make the sale, they either block you, stop responding, or even close up shop.

Be savvy when shopping this holiday. Always scan through comment sections on the web page, and look for negative feedback before you finalize the sale. Check every company out before making a purchase. Remember — if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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