Top 6 Ways That People Waste Money

Top 6 Ways That People Waste Money

( – Do you keep a tight ship on your finances? If so, it may be shocking to realize what other people waste their money on.

Chris Hogan shares some mind blowing ways how people throw their money away. Check out his video here:

Ready to find out? Lets go over some of the most extreme ways people toss their money out the door.

  • Gym memberships. Slash costs by working at home or purchasing used equipment.
  • Huge homes. This means a bigger mortgage and larger utility bills. Work on paying off a smaller loan in half the time.
  • Fancy cars. A brand new car and a huge payment. Look at lightly used for better loan terms.
  • Supporting adult offspring. Stop paying your 30 year old’s cell bill and health insurance.
  • Convenience items. Caramel macchiatos and lunch at your favorite mexican restaurant. This can really add up. Pack a lunch instead.
  • Timeshares. The offer looks great, but it’s still pricey. Fees, termination costs. Try a private resort instead after you’ve saved up throughout the year.

Our hectic lifestyles can make overspending easy. Because we work hard, we think we deserve it. While some things are nice, it can rob us from saving for retirement and building emergency funds. Create a plan and stay within budget. Your future will thank you.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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