5 Tips to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bill

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bill

(DailyThrive.com) – Winter time can mean cold weather, short days and high heating bills. While much of the season can be magical, an expensive heating bill is anything but. Learning a few tips to save money can be a lifesaver for families like this one:

Here are a few ways to lower the heating bill and save money.

Program the Thermostat

Keeping the thermostat lower when you’re not at home can help save money. It can also help to keep it lower overnight. Experts recommend keeping it at 65 degrees Fahrenheit for ideal sleeping conditions.

Use Thermal Curtains

While it’s a good idea to let the sunlight help heat the room during the day, using thermal curtains overnight can help lower heating costs by better insulating the home. Keeping them open on sunny days and closed otherwise can help keep heat inside. Plus, thermal curtains have the benefit of blocking light when you’re trying to sleep.

Keep Warm Air Trapped Inside

To keep bills as low as possible, consider shutting doors when you leave rooms. This will help keep heat trapped inside. When all doors remain open, the heating system has to work harder to regulate the temperature. Keep doors and windows closed, make sure the fireplace flue is closed, and skip using ventilators in the kitchen and bathroom to help keep that warm air inside.

Cook More

Skip takeout and consider cooking more inside the home. This can help warm the house without turning up the thermostat. While ordering a pizza might seem more convenient, cooking as often as possible in the winter can help lower the heating bill.

Seal Cracks at Doors and Windows

Make sure to do a thorough sweep of doors and windows. Look for cracks and spaces where the outside air comes in. Using weather stripping can help minimize leaks, keeping warm air in and cold air out. Check doors and windows seasonally to stay on top of any cracks that could form. Keeping these sealed could make a huge difference in your electric bill.

By making a few changes, you could lower your heating bill and begin to save money. An energy audit, programmable thermostat and updated appliances can certainly help, but there are plenty of steps you can take even on the tightest budget. Soon, you’ll be keeping cozy and saving money. That sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the winter season.

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