Save Time AND Money: Buy 2 Weeks of Food

Save Time AND Money: Buy 2 Weeks of Food

( – Grocery shopping can be an expense — and a strain on your monthly budget. However, there is one simple strategy you can use to save both time and money on groceries. It’s as simple as buying food for 2 weeks.

Saving Time

Grocery shopping can take time. Between commuting to the store, finding everything you need and commuting home, shopping for food can eat into your day. Plus, unless you use a thorough list, it can be easy to forget something and have to go right back to the store to get it in between larger shopping trips. By going to the store every 2 weeks instead of more often, you will save time — and as you probably know by now, time is money.

Saving Money

Consider the components of grocery shopping. Commuting to and from the store costs you money in fuel unless you live somewhere close enough to walk or cycle. Shopping for food is, in itself, a large expense, and spending time running back and forth to the store can actually take time you could be using to make money — for instance, by picking up a side gig to supplement your income.

Tips for 2-Week Shopping

If you’re interested in saving time and money by shopping every 2 weeks, you may want to consider the following plan:

  • Make a list of what your family normally eats in a 2-week period.
  • Meal plan for the next 2 weeks — including leftovers, nights you may want to substitute takeout and snacks.
  • Make a comprehensive grocery list and check it twice.
  • Eat before you shop, which will help you avoid impulse purchases.
  • Organize your refrigerator so that perishable foods are front and center to avoid waste.
  • Purchase freezer bags and consider putting leftovers on ice for later. You can also use freezer bags to prepare meals in advance — particularly ones that utilize a slow cooker.
  • Use an app to stay organized with your grocery list and recipes for the coming weeks.
  • Make sure you have the staples stocked. Check to make sure the spices, cooking oils, and other most commonly used ingredients are still un-expired in your pantry.

Learning to shop every 2 weeks could take practice. Shopping this way can save you time. It’s also so much friendlier to your budget. Just think of what you can do with all the time and money you’ll save when you’re not rushing out several times a week to the grocery store!

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