5 Ways to Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need

5 Ways to Stop Buying Things You Don't Need

(DailyThrive.com) – Ever find yourself with a cart full of items you know you shouldn’t be buying? That impulse to buy means you may lean more toward being materialistic rather than conservative with your funds.

Mel Robbins explains here:

Ask yourself this: Do you really need it, or is it an impulse buy? Here is how to stop buying crap you really don’t need:

  • Will you want it tomorrow? Will buying this item leave you regretting it in the morning? Ask yourself if you’ll grow tired of it in a day or two.
  • Practice gratitude. Appreciate what you have in life. This is the key to stopping the buying. Love what you have right now.
  • Eliminate temptation. Stay away from the stores and websites that lure you in with their cute clothes, purses and jewelry. Defer spending by reiterating to yourself all you already have.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. What you wouldn’t give for a new car, just like your friend just bought… but maybe you’re not financially there yet. Don’t impulse buy. Look at your budget and see what you need to do to wisely get behind the wheel.
  • Repeat a 5,4,3,2,1 mantra. Count down every time you put something in your cart, then ask yourself if you really need it. This approach helps you gather perspective and think it through.

There you have it! Now is the time to implement these habits and stop buying those things you don’t really need. You’ll be better off for it!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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