5 Apps You Can Use for Free Food

5 Apps You Can Use for Free Food

(DailyThrive.com) – What’s better than a fantastic meal? How about a fantastic meal you don’t have to spend a dime on? Contrary to the popular cliche, there IS a free lunch, and we have the scoop on where you can find it. These five apps all offer hot deals that help you save a buck and enjoy a great meal in the process.


The all-American restaurant that everyone loves wants to help you chow down on some of their favorite offerings. Download the McDonald’s app and make a $1 purchase. From there, you’ll have a choice to receive either a free medium fry or a soft drink. This deal renews every Friday, too, so feel free to take advantage time and time again.


Love coffee? Can’t stand to go a morning without your precious java? Just need some cheap bean juice before you start your day? 7-Eleven’s 7Rewards app is the way to go. Not only do they often offer a free cup to users, but they also frequently offer free taquitos and an optional Big Gulp, too. Plus, they’re pretty darn easy to find.


Love Wendy’s, but don’t necessarily enjoy the bill? Great news: they offer the perfect B1G1 free offer for people who want to save on their fast-food bill. Get the Wendy’s app and gain access to deals on burgers, fries and Frosties.

Krispy Kreme

How about a donut to go with that 7-Eleven coffee? With the Krispy Kreme More Smiles app, your next one might be free. You’ll get a free, glazed donut once you download the app. That’s perfect for sudden snacking or a little after-dinner addition.


Hard time resisting Chili’s everytime you drive by? Download My Chili’s Rewards — you might be eligible for a free helping of salsa and crispy chips on your next visit. They also offer occasional deals on soft drinks and other foods, too. It’s a great way to enjoy the flavors of Mexican food without forking over a ton of cash!

Download just the ones you love, or grab them all — the choice is up to you. Either way, these apps give you instant inside access to the hottest fast food deals for some of the most popular restaurants in the United States. It’s also a great way to stay connected to upcoming specials and sign up for their reward programs. So, what are you waiting for?

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