Where to Find State-Specific Sweepstakes

Where to Find State-Specific Sweepstakes

(DailyThrive.com) – When you enter contests, you want the best chance of winning possible. And really, who doesn’t? Entering more often and being careful to follow the rules can really help push the odds in your favor for nationwide contests. But this isn’t always enough to really make a difference if millions of people enter at the same time.

There’s a better way. State-specific sweepstakes often have smaller prize pools, and thus, better odds of winning, than larger, more sprawling nationwide contests. Get the scoop on how to find them in this simple guide.

Use Google Alerts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hire someone to constantly search for and identify prize opportunities online? As lovely as it might sound, don’t spend money on it just yet. Google Alerts can do this for you with little more than just a few clicks of your mouse.

Here’s how it works.

Head over to Google Alerts.

In the box at the top (“Create an alert about…”), enter a few keywords about the type of contest or sweepstakes you want to find. Try inputting the name of your state + contests, or state + sweepstakes. E.g., “Texas Sweepstakes” or “California Contests.” State abbreviations are also a wise choice, as are “contests for people in California,” and other similar phrases.

Next, click “show options.” Adjust how often you get notifications, what types of sites you want to see (if applicable), and — this one is important — where in the world you want to source the info from. Finally, enter your email in the last information box.

Google will then constantly scan the web for your keyphrase. Results are sent directly to your email inbox, creating an almost effortless way to find new contests. It’s really that easy!

Don’t be afraid to create multiple alerts, either. There’s no cap on the number you can have running at any given time, and you can get as specific as you like.

Use Contest Aggregates

If you want to diversify your ability to find state-based sweepstakes even further, try using one of the many contest aggregate sites currently available on the web.


Each of these sites is a little unique in how they approach searching for and finding sweepstakes. Some, for example, let you filter by state for free, while others want you to upgrade to a premium paid membership before you can localize your search. While there’s really nothing wrong with paying a small stipend for really great info, the additional cost just doesn’t always make good financial sense. In most cases, the free membership is enough.

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