5 FREE Apps to Make Money With Your Phone

5 FREE Apps to Make Money With Your Phone

(DailyThrive.com) – You’re already incredibly attached to your smartphone. In fact, nothing puts fear into your heart like realizing you can’t find it! Why not take some of that attachment and turn it into cold, hard cash with these five FREE apps?

Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The Go is just what it sounds like — a survey app that lets you share your opinion with a long list of companies located all across the world. But unlike other survey-oriented programs, this one is special: It ONLY pays a cash stipend instead of points. That can make it a whole lot easier to cash out in a much shorter period of time.

Exactly how much you make depends on the survey, the company and how many questions you answer. The average rate seems to fall somewhere around $1 to $5 per completed entry.


Userfeel specializes in helping companies assess how user-friendly, accessible and intuitive their websites, apps and other online platforms are at any given time. This is achieved by having real people (i.e., you) use the company’s platform in the same way a real-world user might while recording your thoughts about your experience.

So, where’s the dinero? Userfeel will pay you a small amount of money for every test you complete. This can be anywhere from $5 to up to $50 or more. Testers who have some experience with the platform are far more likely to make a decent rate than newbies, which does mean you’ll need to put in some time before seeing a decent return.

Field Agent

Field Agent is a crowdsourcing/microtasking platform with the specific aim of helping businesses all across the company assess and improve retail customer service. Companies register a profile and use it to connect with “field agents,” who serve as mystery shoppers, price checkers, competitor research agents and even just run-of-the-mill picture-takers.

Agents get paid a stipend for each task they complete. This might involve visiting a store, calling a company to ask about a price, or even being paid to buy products you already love. Some businesses even pay people to take pictures of local landmarks or simply be present at important local events (such as a grand opening).

Field Agent will pay you directly when you successfully complete a task. But according to reviews, there is one caveat: You MUST follow the instructions to the letter. Since they can be pretty specific, you should try your best to study the requirements before you start.


Have a natural talent for video editing or image creation? Whether you’re an amateur photographer or you just love to photoshop up a storm, Foap will pay you to use those talents for the greater good of American companies. You just create a profile, upload a few examples of your work, and wait for companies to reach out to you directly.

Foap has the potential to pay out big bucks. For every photo or video you sell, they share the profits with you 50/50 — and that can really add up. Think of it like an easy way to get your feet wet with stock photo or video sales even if you aren’t a professional photographer!


Not technologically inclined? You can still make a bundle off of apps with Task Rabbit. This platform is like an online marketplace for odd jobs and short “help needed” opportunities. How it works is simple: use the app to make a profile and tell the world what you’re good at. It’ll match you with locals who need your help in some specific way. It’s a bit like the “Door Dash” of the odd jobs world.

Granted, this isn’t “only on your phone” per se. But you can essentially build a client base right from your phone, and that’s a big help.

Exactly what you’ll make really depends on how much effort you put in and what you’re willing (and able) to do. Opportunities run the gamut from basic plumbing fixes to delivering groceries, putting IKEA furniture together, gardening and even helping someone clean. Some people use it as a springboard for starting local DIY/handyman work, while others do it part-time.

What all of these smartphone apps and platforms have in common is that they’re really designed to help you make a little cash here and there. This is the opposite of a “get rich quick” scheme. But that doesn’t mean you should overlook them, either; more streams of income are always helpful, especially in these rocky economic times.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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