How to Score Free Gift Cards

How to Score Free Gift Cards

( – It’s no secret that Amazon was one of few companies able to thrive during the global pandemic. While other businesses were closing shop, this online marketplace was able to deliver convenient shopping from the comfort of our homes.

Amazon has it all: convenience, competitive pricing and everything from clothes to electronics to groceries. Amazon Prime even offers free delivery for members, making it an easy way to socially-distance and shop.

With this in mind, who wouldn’t want a free Amazon gift card?

If free sounds just too good to be true, it’s probably safe to say that results in using the following technique will vary. Let’s check it out to see if we can be one of those lucky consumers to score a free Amazon gift card:

There are several additional apps available that reward members with Amazon or other gift cards for regular purchases and participation. Apps like Fetch Rewards and Ibotta allow members to earn gift cards for scanning grocery receipts. With each scan, it’s possible to earn money toward a gift card to Amazon or other retailers. Ibotta even allows a cashback option above a certain threshold.

With patience, persistence and participation, it may actually be possible to earn those gift cards. If you don’t mind paying with a little of your time, you could score big.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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