5 Places You Can Get Paid For Writing

5 Places You Can Get Paid For Writing

(DailyThrive.com) – So you think you have what it takes to be a writer? It takes more than just a vivid imagination, and you’ll need to do more than just pass in the average high school essay. Skill, organization, style and the ability to meet tight deadlines are a must if you want to succeed.

The good news? If you can nail those down, there’s plenty of places to find decent writing work. From copywriting to fiction, here are five places that will pay you to craft beauty from the English language.

Women On Writing

There is a writing portal that specifically wants the female crowd to write for their website. WOW or Women on Writing hones in on highlighting women in the workforce, specifically as writers and editors. They also provide top-notch content for women on a plethora of topics, such as health, finances and lifestyle.

Pay is up to $150 an article. To apply, you must be female and have a strong background in writing or journalism. Make sure you pitch useful, detailed topic ideas. This is a great way to build your brand online, as articles link back to your author page.

Strong Whispers

The environment and animal rights are very important to you. You have a portfolio of landing pages and articles pertaining to an array of social issue topics. A company called Strong Whispers may offer you a chance to showcase a feature article.

To get started, pitch an idea and outline for an article you have in mind. Also include your fee expectation and a link to your previous work. Pay ranges between $50 to $150 per published article.


Like to write blog posts about gardening or maybe smart technology? A company called Link-able may pay you for writing about what you love. They match you up with businesses who need articles with backlinks. That’s where you come in! Craft a readable article and make a submission; you could earn up to $750 per submission.

Love to Make People Laugh?

Have a knack to make people chuckle with your jokes and stories? Try out Cracked.com. They are a humor site that highlights content including videos, photos and articles.

Initially, you need to pitch an article and if accepted, pay is around $150. Once you publish five pieces, you have the ability to graduate up to $250. If you get a high rating and finish in the top 10 for the month, you might even receive a hefty bonus.

Tutorial Tech Guru Jobs (Multiple)

If you are a true techie at heart, there are companies that pay well for you to put that expertise into words. Write anything from customer service to a large instructional guide and help companies help others understand their products and services.

Start scouring sites like Indeed or UpWork. Pay starts around $26 an hour depending on your writing skill level and previous work experience.

Freelance writers have the potential to make far more than in-house writers, especially when stacking gigs. Even if you have little to no experience, all you need to get started is a keen ability with words. Being able to work at home has many rewards, including flexibility. The sky’s the limit!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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