Start Your Own T-Shirt Business (For FREE)

Start Your Own T-Shirt Business (For FREE)

( – Has the pandemic left you looking for a profitable side hustle to do from home? If you’ve got a knack for drawing, graphics, or even making memes, you may be missing out on a major opportunity to make big bucks online: graphic tees!

You may think you need to purchase an expensive press or design software system to make this work. Not so! YouTuber entrepreneur Kat Theo explains:

How to Launch Your New T-Shirt Empire

  • First, find a niche. If you have a business that you want to highlight, begin with using your logo. Want to create something to promote a product or do you have a quote or design you want to use? The sky’s the limit. Stick to a specific niche, such as movie lines, holiday themes, weddings or baby showers.
  • Check out This is a free platform that allows you to virtually create a design for your t-shirt or merchandise.Not only can you build your brand, but you can also customize the look and create different styles, too. It’s easy to generate a few styles in one sitting, so you can see what sells and what doesn’t.
  • Choose a selling platform. Teespring is a popular selling platform for t-shirts, but they also provide access to other designable apparel, too. Add other items, such as pens and coffee mugs, to your shop for extra appeal. Teespring also lets you link up items to sell right on your YouTube or other social media page. The best part? The company takes care of everything. They generate and ship products out for you. You can make money while you sleep!

If you’re looking at ways to make some easy money, rolling out your own t-shirt business is a good place to start. Why not unleash your creative side and make a little cash at the same time?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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