She Made HOW MUCH in One Week?

She Made HOW MUCH in One Week?

( – Looking for that perfect side gig, or do you want to switch gears and be the ultimate entrepreneur? Either way, you want to climb to the top and see that green rise up in your bank account. We’ve found one woman who really has changed her life.

Jazmine Garcia explains some of her success tips here:

It may be hard to believe, but Jazmine made over $3,000 in a week. Here’s how she did it:

  • Social media manager. Jazmine landed some side gigs doing social media management work. If you know your way around social media, this is a great option. Businesses will pay you to post and advertise their products and services to others. Check out sites like Indeed for these opportunities.
  • Mobile delivery driver. Have a car? Some free time? Set up your account through Postmates or UberEats and start your own mobile delivery biz. Customers place the order, and you pick it up and deliver to their door. Rates vary per where you live. Expect to start at around $12 per hour or more, depending on how many orders you get.
  • Selling platforms. Love to shop? Take those unwanted items and sell them. Sites like Poshmark and Mercari are selling platforms where you can earn a decent amount of cash for slightly used items. The sky’s the limit with this one.
  • Fiverr. Have a special skill? Maybe logo art or doing voice-overs? Fiverr is a platform that matches entrepreneurs with clients who need specific tasks done. $5 may not seem like a lot, but with multiple projects, you can make some serious bank.

Check out these lucrative side hustles for yourself. Just one may bring you a little extra cash, but combining several can bring in hundreds or more each week. If you’re looking to set up some extra work, now is the time. Businesses need savvy entrepreneurs like you, and you need the cash!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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