Get Paid to Sleep (For Real)!


( – Of all the jobs you can get paid for, this one may sound the most absurd. But yes — believe it or not, you can get paid to sleep.

The beauty of clinical trials is that you can make money for almost anything, including lying down and doing nothing. According to this informative video, they can pay anywhere between $25 and $10,000, depending on how long you remain in the trial.

If you’re looking to make some extra money, this could be a great way to do it.

However, just because you’re sleeping through the trial doesn’t mean there’s no work involved. You’ll still need to sign up at and qualify for a study, after which you’ll need both a physical and psychological exam.

The Penny Hoarder warns that you’ll also be in isolation and likely confined to one space for a large portion of the time, so it’s important to think it over before you sign up for a month of trials.

But hey — for money and science, right?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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