Editor Review of TaskRabbit.com

Editor Review of TaskRabbit.com

(DailyThrive.com) – Want to start making money virtually today without needing any complex skills or even a college education? Crowdsourcing platform TaskRabbit claims to let you connect with people who need help, and are willing to pay for it, right within your very own community. From painting bedrooms to delivering food and basic supplies, it seems easy to get started and even easier to make an income.

But is this really true? Is TaskRabbit really worth your time — and if so, how much money can you really expect to make? We review to help you decide.

How TaskRabbit Works

Whether you’re looking to pay someone for help or planning to offer up your time instead, it’s quick and easy to get started on TaskRabbit The only catch is that you need to live in one of their currently active cities in order to qualify — find the list here.

Registering and Onboarding

Head over to the site, click “register,” and follow the easy instructions to set up your initial profile. Then, wait for the site to send you an email about the next onboarding meeting for your city. You will need to attend this helpful orientation before you get started. Depending on where you live, you may also have to submit a background check.

Finding Jobs

Once you’re through with onboarding, it’s time to find some jobs. Decide how much you want to make (we recommend no less than $20 an hour or per shorter job). Download the Tasker app or start browsing jobs on the site.

Connecting With Clients

Once you find something you feel confident you can do, it’s time to connect. Reach out to the person asking for help and offer them your services directly. The two of you will have the opportunity to chat about rates, scheduled times, and more. It’s best to nail down as many details as you can before you officially accept the task just to prevent confusion.

Getting Paid

After you complete a task, all you have to do is click “create invoice” to bill your client. TaskRabbit handles the rest for you on the back end. Payments can take up to eight days to process, but this is exceptionally rare — two to three days is the standard.

Is TaskRabbit Really Worth It?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on what tasks you accept, how much you charge, what your local market is like, and how successful you are at cultivating loyal clients. Someone who has a specific skill (e.g., plumbing) is very likely to be more marketable than someone who is offering to complete more basic tasks (e.g., grocery delivery). But ultimately, your success level is up to how much effort you put in.


There are also a few drawbacks to consider. If you don’t live in a currently active city, you probably won’t find any jobs. And if the active city you live in is small, the market might be heavily competitive or difficult to crack due to low availability of jobs.

As is the case with any freelance job, there’s also a risk that you’ll end up with a bad or difficult client, too. They may be difficult, argumentative, or even try to get out of paying you for improper task completion. You can ask TaskRabbit to intervene or even drop the task if all else fails, but being comfortable with talking to clients helps.

How Much Can You Make?

Online reviews from past taskers seem to suggest that if you put the time in, you will see a return. Entrepreneur even suggests that the average Tasker makes around $110 a month working part-time or casually. You will have access to more opportunities if you diversify what you’re willing to take. Never accept jobs you can’t successfully complete.

How TaskRabbit Makes Money

TaskRabbit takes a 15% slice of your income in exchange for providing access to their platform. That means for every $100 you make, they take $15. However, this is pretty standard for the tasking industry.

Adjusting Your Rates

The site allows you to set and adjust your rates for services as you see fit. But don’t be tempted to drop those prices too low. Successful taskers often charge no less than $30 to $50 an hour, depending on the task, and clients WILL pay those rates. Start with a reasonable amount you think is fair and dial it up or down until you find what works.

Building Your Reputation

Completing jobs successfully will help you build up your profile, and your reputation, on the platform. This will allow you to charge more for your services while also increasing how likely it is for someone to hire you. So, try your best to impress when you can.

Final Thoughts

If you’re handy or willing to do just about any common task for money, TaskRabbit might be right for you. But it’s worth noting that it can be a little challenging to get started, and your ability to succeed really depends on where you live. Still, registering and at least seeing what options are available is probably worthwhile — especially if you’re quick and motivated to succeed.

~Here’s to Your Success!
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