You Can Sell Online With These Tips

You Can Sell Online With These Tips

( – With uncertain times ahead, it’s important to protect your finances. This means making your dollars stretch further and finding ways to generate some cash on the side. You hear stories about people making bank off eBay and other websites, but is it really worth it? Actually it is, as long as you do it right.

Keep these tips in mind and find something to sell right now.

Choose the Right Product

The most critical decision you can make is what to sell — and some things will sell faster or better than others. Start with these time-tested favorites:

  • Memorabilia
  • Handmade items like jewelry and beauty products
  • Vintage clothing
  • Electronics
  • Coins
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Books and magazines

If you have any of these items lying around the house, now is the time to research prices and get them listed. Why not do some spring cleaning and get started on your inventory?

Know How to Write a Killer Description

To get the items you want to sell out in front of the masses, you have to draw them in first. This starts with a knock-out description that will make potential buyers click for more. The Search Engine Journal recommends using keywords in your descriptions that accentuate what you’re selling.

Be clear and concise on the overall condition of the item. Is it odor free? Does it have scratches or blemishes? Don’t leave anything out. Being honest will earn you a higher rating when the buyer goes to rate your sale.

Take Clear Photos

It’s vital that you have a clear, crisp photo of what you’re selling. Consider investing in a good camera or phone and be sure to snap the photos in proper lighting. Make it look as professional as possible. This all helps to attract potential buyers to your ad.

Find the Right Platform

Once you’ve found a hot-ticket item, it’s time to see if it will really sell. While it takes time to build clout on any selling site, having good products to sell is ultimately your road to success. Two of the biggest selling platforms are eBay and Etsy. Both are easy to work with, and you can reach a lot of people quickly.

Other options include Facebook Marketplace and your local classified ads. Now you’re ready to bring everything together and post your first ad.

Ship Quickly

Wow. What a sale! Just as important as it was to list the item properly, it’s time to ship. Be sure you have PayPal or another selling account set up to receive quick payments. Place the item in a secure box and print off the shipping label. Stay in touch with the buyer and make sure the item arrives safely and promptly after payment.

Don’t forget to leave feedback and remind the buyer to do the same; this helps build clout.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now it’s time to gather more items and start building your online business. You may not get rich overnight, but taking that first step will get you moving toward a profitable and successful side gig.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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