Wait! Don’t Buy These Target Items Until AFTER Valentine’s Day

Wait! Don’t Buy These Target Items Until AFTER Valentine’s Day

(DailyThrive.com) – Walking into Target, the first area you see is the Dollar Spot. These aisles are full of holiday themed items that are worth snagging, and Valentine’s Day is no exception!

The Freebie Guy showcases some really cute items that are up to 90% off here:

While tempting to impulse buy, try holding off until a few days after Valentine’s Day to score awesome deals like these:

  • Nail polish. Specific higher-end nail polish is up to 90% off. Look for reds and pale pinks. Head over to the price scanner to see if the items are marked down. There’s no limit on how many you can buy.
  • Pillows and home decor. Most girls love heart pillows and rose floral bouquets. Target has them throughout the store, specifically in the decor section.
  • Purses and clothing. Kids’ clothes, specifically valentine- or love-themed, may ring up 90% off. Don’t forget to scan cute purses that may be mixed in with the spring lineup. Look specifically for items with hearts and pastel colors.

These 90% off items will NOT be advertised. It’s all part of the adventure. Get your comfy shoes on, grab a coffee and head to Target. The best part? You can use all of this cool stuff for next year!

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