Wait! Don’t Buy These 5 Things Until AFTER Christmas

Wait! Don’t Buy These 5 Things Until AFTER Christmas

(DailyThrive.com) – Some items seem to make the front page of every holiday and black Friday sale out there. They’re so iconically associated with Christmas, virtually everyone shops for them at the same time. After all, what would the holidays be without them?

It turns out the answer just might be “a whole lot less expensive.” Sellers tend to mark the most popular items up just before Black Friday, and those prices stay up until things wind down. The Kim Komando Show reveals the five worst offenders here:

What to Hold Off On

  • TVs. Every Black Friday sale has a TV doorbuster sale. They appear to be marked down and are great gifts for just about everyone. While prices seem low, they will likely be marked down further after the holidays.
  • Small appliances. The hottest gifts for 2020 include Instant Pots, air fryers, and sparkling water makers. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, sales are already extremely high even now. This intensifies the push to get them out the door for the holiday, lest they lose their luster. If you can, hold off on these until after the holiday rush when they go on sale.
  • Laptops. Computers, iPads and notebooks sell big at Christmastime. Retailers are very competitive with their price points, but waiting on ordering these is a wise money move. Buy later and give as a birthday present further in the year.
  • Video games. Gaming consoles, and the games that play on them, intensify in demand each holiday season. Whether it’s an upgraded system roll out or a new game, everyone goes crazy trying to buy them — and retailers eat it up. Be patient; that insanity will die down, and older units will trickle out. Get the latest games just after Christmas for a big price cut.
  • Fitness trackers. Gadgetry is abundant when it comes to fitness trackers. Everyone wants to buy the latest device that will tell them how many calories they’ve burned or how many steps short they are of reaching their goal. It’s not worth it! People return a lot of these in February, when sales plummet.

Be super savvy, give a gift card in lieu of one of these high-ticket items. Be sure to add a P.S. in the card to let the recipient know to wait until the after-Christmas sales begin to buy what they want. No matter what your budget is, holding off on big purchases is a smart way to save.

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