She Made How Much Money for Her Opinion?!

She Made How Much Money for Her Opinion?!

( – Do you have a lot to say when it comes to sharing your opinion? Companies love people like you so much they want to pay you to let them in on your thoughts. Tasha from One Big Happy Life took some time out of her busy life to start her own little freelance market research company.

You’ll love these results!

Why It Works

Companies need consumers like you to gather data to help improve their brand. They seek individuals who can engage in market studies, research groups, interviews and surveys.

How to Get Started

One Big Happy Life recommends visiting nearby company websites to see if they offer market research studies. Some offer some serious cash (up to $100 a day or more) just to give your opinion. Availability, demographics, and even location will impact what companies offer and how often you find opportunities.

With uncertain financial times ahead, now is the best time to do everything you can to generate additional income. Remember: your opinion and your time both matter, and if you’re willing to do the leg work, companies WILL pay you for both of them. It’s all about that #sidehustle and figuring out what works.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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