Psst! One Man’s Trash May Really Be Your Treasure

Psst! One Man's Trash May Really Be Your Treasure

( – Are you a person who loves to thrift or find the perfect treasure for pennies on the dollar? Scouring consignment stores and clearance bins for a good deal can be addicting, but what about taking it a step further?

Texan Picken details how to score big for nothing in this video.

Want to get in on the goods ?

Always check local ordinances regarding trash picking and dumpster diving in your neighborhood first. But don’t be afraid to stop along the side of the road to search through some trash. You might find that perfect item that you could turn for a nice profit.

Here’s how.

  • Gear up for safety. One of the first things to consider before trash picking is safety. Dress in clothes that can stand to be a little ripped or torn. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. Use durable gloves as a contact precaution to avoid contamination, and have a flashlight to see clearly.
  • Choose safe neighborhoods.  Texan Picken suggests driving through more affluent, safe neighborhoods where people may throw out nicer items. A newer piece of exercise equipment or patio furniture with a small blemish may be junk to someone. For others, it’s a treasure. Keep these great finds for yourself or turn around and sell for a nice profit.
  • Turn trash into treasure. Once you get your items home and cleaned up, decide if you want to sell it. Turn to sites like Mercari or Poshmark to flip items and generate profit. Have a garage sale or sell on your local Facebook marketplace and make some cash.

It’s time to find your own treasures in the trash, such as clothes, electronics, food and housewares. You don’t have to venture far — your local retail or neighborhood dumpster will do. Many treasures await!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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