Pssst! How to Regift This Holiday Season

Pssst! How to Regift This Holiday Season

( – Regifting… depending on whom you ask, it’s either a direct insult to the person who originally bought you the gift or a savvy way to cut back on your holiday shopping budget. We think the truth is much simpler — it can be helpful, but you really need to know how to do it without offending anyone in the process.

If that sounds like an enormous task, don’t panic just yet. Sean Dowling from b/60 has the insider scoop on how to make it work.

The Five-Step, Foolproof Regifting Guide

  • Six degrees of separation are a must. Or, in other words… never regift something back to a person who’s even remotely close to the person who gifted it to you. Doing so dramatically raises the risk of being caught. Instead, regift to someone who isn’t connected to the gifter in any way.
  • Make sure it’s brand-new — or at least in like-new condition. Don’t forward it if it’s old, worn-out, torn, stained, broken, obviously used or dog-eared. Make sure anything you regift is in virtually the same condition as the day it arrived at your home. Check any packaging, too; if it’s full of dust, clean it well or repack it in a new gift box with paper.
  • Reuse gift bags and wrapping with extreme caution. There’s really nothing wrong with using gift bags or wrapping paper again if they’re in pristine, like-new condition. Just be extremely careful to check them over carefully and remove any notes, tags or receipts. If the giftee finds a note from Mom, the jig will be up!
  • Don’t regift personalized or handmade treasures. That name mug your granddaughter made you? It may be beautiful, but it isn’t suitable for regifting. Not only will your name make it obvious that it’s a regift, but these little mementos were also made with love just for you. Stick with non-identifiable gifts instead.
  • Make sure it’s safe to gift. Is it still in good condition? Can you be sure the item is safe before you send it along? Some gifts, including cosmetics, perfume, candles and foods, do expire. Children’s toys may be subject to recalls and other safety concerns over time. Check expiry dates and info about the product online if you aren’t absolutely sure whether it’s safe. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry after the fact!

The holidays are about spirit and doing good unto others. There’s no rule that you must spend money to make that happen! If regifting makes sense for you, go ahead and do it guilt free. After all, a gift forwarded to someone who absolutely loves it is far better than a gift that sits in the cupboard for several more eons!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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