Making Money Working From Home as a Virtual Babysitter

Making Money Working From Home as a Virtual Babysitter

( – COVID has disrupted much of society. Many parents are working remotely, while some children are left learning from home. Even younger ones — they’re home too, making it rather difficult to get work of any kind done without some type of interruption.

For some parents, this situation has created an opportunity to embark on a unique money-making idea, virtual babysitting. Good Morning America explains more:

It almost seems like an episode of the Twilight Zone, but it is real, and parents are flocking to it — so much so, Forbes claims searches for virtual babysitting have had a 700% increase in just the past month.

There is a catch: Sessions are for short periods of time, and children need to be about 5 years of age to work video calls and do activities with the babysitters.

Think this may be an option that could work for you and your family? A service you may need or maybe want to start? Check out the different services available at the following:

You can also check with family and friends to see if they can refer you to anyone. As long as lockdowns and social distancing are a part of our lives, it’s nice to know there are options available, or maybe even a way for you to start up your own side gig.

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