Make Money with OLD Gift Cards – Here’s How!

Make Money with OLD Gift Cards - Here's How!

( – One of the greatest joys of giving is seeing how happy you can make someone! Of course, it’s also a lot of fun to get a gift too — especially a gift card. But if you often set them aside with just a few dollars left, or you know someone that pitches old cards in the trash, you might be missing out on a serious opportunity. YouTuber Steph has the fix in this video:

Here’s how to come in clutch and make money with old gift cards.

  • Don’t throw them away. Scour through junk drawers and old greeting cards to see if there are any you’ve missed. Set them aside in a safe place while you accumulate several more. The low balance cards will hopefully accumulate and eventually pay off.
  • Ask others for their old cards. Parents, siblings, even kids. Ask if they will ever use it, if they say no, gladly take it off their hands. The more cards, the higher the reward.
  • Look for unexpected places cards may be. Many people love using restaurant cards to treat themselves for an evening out. They may leave behind a card with a few dollars on it for the server to discard.

Next time you go to your favorite eatery and find one on the floor or table, grab it. A balance of a few bucks can really add up when used with another gift card.

  • Up for a little trash digging? This is where StevenSteph really strikes it big. They dig through dumpsters and find discarded gift cards with some decent sized balances on them. This style of collecting old gift cards may not be legal in your area, so check local ordinances on dumpster diving laws.

A few dollars here and there seems like chump change for many people. But if you’re savvy and willing to put in a little work, this is the perfect opportunity to score big and purchase some goodies with those remaining balances.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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