Love to Cook? Get Paid To Meal Prep

Love to Cook? Get Paid To Meal Prep

( – Do co-workers comment on how good your food smells when you open your lunch? If cooking and meal prepping is your forte, consider using it as a lucrative side hustle.

Erica Adler is a professional meal prepper. Her clients hire her to shop, cook, and prep meals. And she gets paid well for doing it. This is how she starts and ends her weekends.

The best thing is, you can do it too. If you’re time savvy with meal prep and good at packing lunches for the week, this is perfect for you. Here are some helpful tips for launching your own meal prep business.

  • Share your foodie love with others. It’s time to get crackin’ in the kitchen! Gain clients by showing off your talent. Get out the camera and share the best samples of your meal preps on social media. Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook are good starting points. Word of mouth or nose is also a great way to gain clients. Once others smell your cooking, they’ll want to hire you.
  • Bring it all together. Once you have a client, ask them what they want and how many servings you’re prepping for. Then, make a list of ingredients. Erica explains that she charges a client for each product, not by the dish. This gives her a little cushion and incentive to make a profit. Create a timeline for grocery shopping and gathering supplies in proportion for doing the actual prep.
  • Make sure you can multitask. Organizing your time properly is vital for a successful business. Know your recipe well, as well as cooling times. Having some ingredients on hand for backup is also advisable. Remember, time is money, so multitasking is key, especially with multiple clients.

Being a successful meal prepper takes skill, confidence, and time efficiency. But most of all, a love for food and people! Once you gain clients, word will get out quickly. Be ready to see your business grow and prosper.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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