Learn The Secrets Of Grocery Store Sale Cycles

Learn The Secrets Of Grocery Store Sale Cycles

(DailyThrive.com) – Making that dollar stretch takes more than just cutting back on spending. You also need to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when you shop. Being aware of when stores have their best sales is a great way to shop smarter. Understanding grocery store sale cycles can help you do just that.

Becky Dilworth considers herself an expert on the subject. She reveals the secrets of how stores plan out price cuts in this YouTube video:

Dilworth’s tips give you a good starting point — knowing when particular items will go on sale. But if you want to get the most possible savings you can, there’s a few more secrets you should know.

  • Do a little research. Know exactly when things go on sale. Becky talks about tracking your favorite items every time you go to the store. Another way to do that is through a simple internet search. Some sites even have them archived, and they show you a preview of next week’s sales. The goal is to know when to combine certain coupons with in-store savings.
  • Track sales. Most products circulate to a discount around every four to six weeks. This is the timeframe in which to shop for items at rock-bottom prices. Track sale dates; then, write it down or create a spreadsheet as a reminder of when the sale is coming. Keep this price book handy so you have a quick reference when planning your next store trip.
  • Stock up. If you’ve wanted to build that stockpile and get ahead on stashing food and perishable items, do it when prices have plummeted. Savvy savers only buy things on sale and stock up when they are marked down.

Couponers and power shoppers take the art of saving very seriously. You can learn a lot from their good habits. Even if you don’t want to buy in bulk, it’s easier to get a reasonable discount when you do a little detailed tracking and planning.

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