It’s a Dollar Tree Thanksgiving (Yes, It’s Possible)

It's a Dollar Tree Thanksgiving (Yes, It's Possible)

( – These days, every dollar counts more than ever. If you’re having to put on a Thanksgiving dinner for your family, you may be struggling to figure out how you’re going to afford it after one of the toughest financial years in recent history. Lala Bad shows how you can create a yummy meal on an extreme budget from Dollar Tree.

Turkey Day Finds From Dollar Tree

  • The main meal. Dollar Tree may not have turkeys, but they have chicken, and this can be a great substitute. Lala Bad added canned chicken meat to her $1 stuffing mix for added flavor to a tasty casserole. She also picked up instant potatoes, canned gravy, veggies and rolls. In addition, a graham cracker crust, frozen berries and an instant pudding mix covers dessert.
  • Cooking essentials. When visiting the store, don’t forget to grab spatulas and spoons for serving. A hot seller is their aluminum pans. From your main dish to appetizers, these disposable pans keep things hot and store leftovers well too. Paper towels, napkins, silverware and garbage bags should also be on your list.
  • Don’t forget decor. DT has you covered. Scented cinnamon candles, centerpieces and table cloths allow you to have a stunning table to wow guests. Fall decor signs, hay bales and mini-wreaths will lighten up your home. Dollar tree sells glass and ceramic dinnerware, so if you want to be extra-fancy, no one will know you didn’t get everything from Kirklands.

The holidays can be not only overwhelming, but costly for many people. Save time and money this Turkey Day by getting everything at Dollar Tree. Not only will your home shine bright, your meal will too, and your family will be forever grateful.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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