Imperfect Produce Review: Discount Groceries Shipped to Your Door!

Imperfect Produce Review: Discount Groceries Shipped to Your Door!

( – There are a lot of meal and food delivery companies out there. If food waste is something dear to your heart, try Imperfect Produce.

Food Box HQ explains why they love Imperfect Produce so much here:

Here are some reasons to add an Imperfect Produce subscription to your list of home deliveries.

  • Waste not, want not. Over 40 million tons of food ends up in dumpsters annually in the US alone. What a waste! Do you part to prevent that and get these discounted groceries delivered to your doorstep. In addition, snap a photo of your goods and send it to them. In turn, they’ll donate 5 pounds of food to a local food bank.
  • Good food for cheap! Items may be a few days over expiration or be shaped differently. Don’t pass up those contorted cukes or lemons. They taste just as good as their perfect counterparts.
  • Quick and convenient. With home delivery, save time and cash by not having to stop off at the market. Each box gives you tips and recipes on what to do with the contents. Soups, salads, tasty side dishes await.

Join the ugly food movement and reap the rewards. You’ll have a healthy diet and feel good about saving foods from the dumpster. Mother Earth and your tummy will thank you!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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