How to Make Money From Your Old Cell Phones

How to Make Money From Your Old Cell Phones

( – Need cash in a hurry? Just love the feeling of coins jingling in your pocket? Maybe you just try to make the most of every dollar you spend. If you happen to have an old smartphone or two sitting around at home collecting dust, you might be missing out on a seriously lucrative opportunity to do exactly that. It turns out you can cash in on many older devices in a pretty big way.

What to Know Before You Sell

Not every smartphone is worth the same amount of money. In general, newer phones are worth more, as are phones in like-new condition. In contrast, older devices with significant scratches, cracks, and damage might not be worth anything at all.

Also, keep in mind that phones often store a ton of personal data. You don’t want that traveling to the next user; it might wind up in the wrong hands. Factory reset the device and destroy the sim card, if you still have it, before you sell.

Lastly, check with your provider to see if they’ll agree to unlock your phone for free. This effectively allows the next user to use the device on any compatible network, increasing its value slightly. It will also become easier to sell, as virtually anyone can use it.

It’s always a pleasure to find a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. While you might not make your first million with this opportunity, there are plenty of older devices out there that sell for as much as $100 or more. Don’t let them waste away in your junk drawer; cash in on them instead!

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