How to Make $60 an Hour Thrift Shopping

How to Make $60/Hr Thrift Shopping

( – Love to thrift and find a good bargain? Dream about making some easy cash without putting in a whole lot of effort? While there’s no true free lunch (all opportunities take work), you just might be able to make as much as $60 an hour just by indulging in a little shopping at your favorite stores.

Okay – that’s a bit of an oversimplification. What it’s really about is combining thrifting with starting your own resale business. Ralli Roots shares how they select specific items at thrift stores and sell them on Amazon or eBay for a quick profit.

Interested in making a little money with this method yourself?

First, know that not all thrift stores sell items at rock-bottom prices. Some have a high markup, meaning you won’t make a decent profit margin. Shop businesses with good bargains and know what days they offer their best deals and sales.

Educate yourself on what clothes and items are trending. Look for name brands in great condition. Watch for stains and overall wear and tear that could drive your markup down. Scout for vintage items, classics and current fashion items.

Remember: the goal is to ensure whatever you sell will make you money.

Set up a Selling Platform

Found a hotspot? Here’s what to do next:

  • Make sure items are clean and smell fresh.
  • Take a clear photo.
  • Write a catchy description.
  • List, sell and ship your items.

All it takes to hit that glorious $60 an hour marker is finding the right items. If you’re already passionate about thrift shopping, fashion, or clothes, it pays to be passionate about what you do. Your bank account will thank you.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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