How to Find and Enter Instagram Contests

How to Find and Enter Instagram Contests

( – Admit it, there’s nothing better than winning free stuff. Whether it be money, vacations or tangible prizes, nothing compares to gaining something free for just doing a few simple steps. If you are a Facebook fan, you might see contests all the time, but what if Instagram is more your speed? How do you find contests to enter on that platform?

Di Coke features a YouTube video that gives tips on just what to do:

There are numerous ways to find Instagram contests. Follow sponsors of products you enjoy that use all three major platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This should ensure if they do a contest, you won’t miss it.

Watch for friends who are always retweeting or regraming contests. Ask for their handles and follow them. Find out if they’re involved in social networking groups that tag others when there is a contest and join them.

Like any other social media platform, the more you search for an item, the more it will appear on your newsfeed. Contests seem to be the best way for account holders and businesses to increase the number of followers they have, and why wouldn’t it? If you’re giving away items people are interested in, it only stands to reason that they’re going to follow you.

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