Get Cash By Donating Your Spit to Science, Really!

Get Cash By Donating Your Spit to Science, Really!

( – In the present world of side gigs, hustles and work-at-home jobs, so many people are looking for ways to bring in extra cash. Now, something completely different has entered the game: donating your spit to science. Here is how you can make a little extra submitting your saliva.

Apply and Qualify

First you need to go to and fill out a questionnaire. They will take down your basic personal information and ask if you want to donate. Then, you move on to the application process. You will be asked to provide a brief medical history along with demographic data. If you have a specific genetic condition or disease, please note that.

Once accepted, follow the directions on how to get and produce your spit sample.

What Is My Spit Used For?

Your first thought may be that someone is trying to steal your DNA. Don’t worry. Your spit, and information, is likely safe with most major companies. While there is always a small risk associated with giving any company sensitive data, the Terms of Service for nearly all involved organizations promise not to sell or use your info without permission.

Various researchers study DNA to help make advances in the medical world. The study of genetics plays a huge role in learning about gene mutations and how different diseases occur. Even if you don’t have an underlying health condition, your saliva can be used to compare to others for research and development.

How Much Does it Pay?

Each sample you give pays $50.00. In some cases, there may be more tests that you qualify for. If this is the case, you will be paid based on how many samples you submit. Keep your information updated, because the company works with multiple labs and scientists who all have different needs and requests.

Will My Saliva Be Distributed All Over?

No. Each study that you participate in gives clear instructions as to what it’s being used for. Your DNA and personal information is kept in a secure location and not used for further research studies. If a new study comes up, you’ll have to submit another sample.

While submitting a spit sample may seem a little out of the ordinary, it’s just another way to make money. It’s also really not that different than donating plasma for a small fee, which hundreds of Americans do every single day.

The good news? Not only are you making a little cash to pay the bills, you’re also helping others. Just think, the DNA in your spit could be helping researchers find a cure or treat diseases. It’s a win-win!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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