Don’t Let These NYE Superstitions Derail Your New Year

Don't Let These NYE Superstitions Derail Your New Year

( – There are some crazy New Year’s Eve superstitions out there. Like any old wive’s tale or urban legend, some superstitious individuals even believe that if you don’t do them, you’ll have bad luck for the rest of the year.

The Ghostly Sisters talk more about it here:

The Most Common NYE Superstitions

  • A kiss at midnight. It’s been a long-standing tradition to kiss the one you love at midnight for a fulfilling relationship moving forward. If you don’t have a sweetie, don’t fret — he or she may still come into your life in 2021.
  • Fill your cupboards. An old superstition says having full cupboards on NYE will bring bountiful harvests for the coming year. Feel like purging? If you want to get rid of old canned goods and freezer-burned meat, that’s okay too.
  • Don’t break out the broom. Superstition says that getting rid of dust bunnies means you’re clearing out all the good luck for the coming year. In fact, a clean house may be a positive way to start the year of right.

Maybe your great-grandmother swears by these superstitions, and that’s why you want to stick to them. Or, maybe you’re just not interested in following resolutions at all. No matter how you decide to ring in the new year, remember that it’s what you believe inside your heart that matters. Live life and stay positive!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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