5 Secrets to Winning Any Sweepstakes

5 Secrets to Winning Any Sweepstakes

(DailyThrive.com) – Drooling over a contest with an amazing prize? Maybe your favorite brand frequently offers up cash money in exchange for sweepstakes entries for a life-changing amount of money. Or, maybe you just want the year’s worth of free ice cream being offered up by the cafe down the road.

Whatever sweepstakes it is you’re after, you should know that luck isn’t the only consideration. Contest expert Sandra Grauschopf shares her perfect strategy for scoring big wins in this video:

So, what’s the secret?

  • Enter regularly. Enter contests and sweepstakes on a routine basis for your best chances of winning. This increases your odds, and you’ll get notified of ongoing sweeps too.
  • Lower expectations. Forget the big contests like Publisher’s Clearing House. With so many entrants, odds aren’t in your favor. Stick to small, local contests. Fewer entrants may increase your chances of being the grand prize winner.
  • Be persistent. To increase the chances of getting a piece of the pie, be persistent with daily entries and referrals. This improves your odds over a one-time entry.
  • Look on fast food receipts. Most people throw food receipts away after a meal. Hip2Save suggests looking at the top or the bottom to see if you have any offers or contests to enter. You can win everything from food to cash, just by entering online or submitting a survey.
  • Check packaging. All the groceries or goods you bring home may have contests on the inside of the packaging. Because they are often hard to miss, they may have fewer entrants, putting the odds in your favor.

Be sure to enter as many sweepstakes as possible to increase your chances of that huge win. From cash to prizes, there are countless items just waiting to be claimed. What do you have to lose?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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