5 Best Free Music Download Websites

5 Best Free Music Download Websites

(DailyThrive.com) – Finding free music to download on the Internet really is possible — and even legal. While apps like iTunes, Spotify and YouTube offer paid memberships for ad-free music access, there is a way to download music without the expense:

To make sure to avoid pirated content, check to make sure artists have approved the content for download. Most popular artists from major labels won’t be listed on free content sites, and there can be legal consequences for downloading their work for free. Here are our five favorite websites where artists offer free downloads to members:

Some offer downloads from popular musicians, while others have free music from independent artists. Whether we find a way to access old favorites or discover new ones, there’s a way to download music without resorting to piracy. Why not give one or two a shot and see what’s out there?

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