5 Amazon Prime Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know You Had

5 Amazon Prime Benefits You Probably Didn't Know You Had

(DailyThrive.com) – Everyone loves Amazon Prime. It’s a cheap and convenient way to get what you want super — fast! Most people associate it with shopping or watching movies, but that’s far from the only benefits this fun subscription carries. Rohas Reviews shares a few insider secrets you might not be aware of.

Did You Know About These Benefits?

  • Amazon Household. Manage family members (up to two adults and four teens) on your Prime account. This is a great way to share prime with others so they get benefits too!
  • Google Photos. Transfer your pics from your phone or camera to your firestick or computer. From there, they can be shared and viewed. Now you can create an album using everyone’s photos.
  • Whole Foods Discounts. Amazon owns Whole Foods. This allows them to give rock-bottom discounts like in-store savings and free shipping. Order through Alexa and get everything delivered the same day.
  • Prime Reading. Love your Kindle or iPad? Amazon offers Prime Reading. Get your favorite books and podcasts right at your fingertips!
  • Prime Wardrobe. Need new clothes, but no time to shop? This service lets you pick out your favorite brands and ships them to you each month. Don’t like their choice? Send it back for free!

Saving on big brands is why you use Prime to begin with, but there’s plenty more to explore. Everything from photos to clothes and lets not forget electronics. Now is the time to reap the rewards!

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