10 Shopping Secrets To Maximize Your ALDI Experience

10 Shopping Secrets To Maximize Your ALDI Experience

(DailyThrive.com) – Do you love to shop at ALDI? It’s the grocery store powerhouse that delivers its own name brand to remain cost savvy against major big box grocery competitors. While you may already be saving a ton at ALDI, there are some savvy shopper tips that can help you save even more!

Top 10 ALDI Secrets

Youtuber The Deal Guy knows that, in order to score a real deal at ALDI, you need to understand how the business operates behind the scenes. He maps out 10 of the most wallet-friendly insider tips in this video:


Deal Guy also covers a few business policies ALDI holds that aren’t necessarily well-known, but can save you a serious buck. This includes their “twice-nice” guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with a product, you get a refund and the replacement item for free. Don’t be afraid to ask for this if you have an issue — it’s right in their policy manual.

ALDI also allows you to ask the manager for an on-the-spot markdown. While this might feel a little bit intimidating, it can be a great way to save. You won’t necessarily always get a “yes,” but you won’t save if you don’t ask, either!

Mega Deals

You’ll gain the most savings on Wednesdays when new deals roll out. You can find specials on ALDI’s website or through their app, whichever is more convenient for you, but simply showing up on this day will help. In addition, shelves are stocked and refreshed that morning. So, get your shopping shoes on early!

What to Avoid

Paper products don’t rank too high for quality and price at ALDI, so you might want to shop for them somewhere else. Mashed also reports that their in-house cereal brands might be overpriced, too. But things that are a good bang for the buck? Belgian chocolate, diapers and German sausage!

Next time you shop at Aldi, keep these important tips in mind. Grab up those empty boxes on the shelves and load up with awesome savings. Maximize your dollar and don’t forget to bring your quarter!

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